More Spring Veggies

Continuing the theme of spring veggies, but moving backwards. I had bought a ton of fava beans, green peas, and artichokes and converted them into […]

Playing with Pasta

I love having time to make fresh pasta at home. There’s really nothing better, and it’s fairly easy, but time consuming. I’ve been eyeing the […]

My Mom is a Genius!

I have made polenta about a thousand times. Small batches, big batches, by hand, with my two different Italian polenta pots…. and I have NEVER […]

Sunday Lasagna

Yesterday Creg went out for a bike ride with his team, and I had brunch plans with a friend. My plans fell through, so I found […]

Polenta Lasagna

If you have been following my posts this year, you know that on the 13th, we had rabbit with polenta.  Of course, there was leftover […]