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Yikes – Behind already!

It’s been 3 days since my last post… sounds like a confession.  Hard to fit everything in to my oh-so-busy schedule.  That’s just another way […]


One of my favorite soups to make on a rainy day is Julia Child’s Soup a la Victorine. However, Julia’s version has a lot of […]

Yesterday’s Lunch

A follow-up on yesterday’s risotto.  Since there was some leftover, I decided to have it for lunch.  However, leftover risotto isn’t really that great heated […]

I Hab a Code id by Dose

Picked up a pesky little cold on the plane, so keeping the cooking simple for now.  Simple and tasty.  Luckily, mom has so much food […]

New Year, New Efforts

Here I am, once again in beautiful Potomac, MD.  This time, I’ll be spending almost 2 solid months here.  My mission, which I have chosen […]

Homemade Pasta

I’ve had a butternut squash sitting around, and have had thoughts of turning it into ravioli for a while now… so last Sunday, I had […]


I don’t bake much.  But for some reason, around Christmas, I feel the urge to get in the kitchen.  The other night, I decided to […]