Risotto Cakes

Risotto CakesA follow-up on yesterday’s risotto, and another video attempt! Since there was some leftover, I decided to have it for lunch. However, leftover risotto isn’t really that great heated up, and although I will eat it that way, it’s even better if you have the time to turn it into something else. The most simple transformation is risotto cakes. All you need is your leftover risotto, and egg, and some breadcrumbs. And butter or oil to saute them in.

Leftover risotto
1 egg
1 tbsp butter or olive oil

  • Beat an egg in a medium sized bowl. Add the risotto and mix well.
  • Put breadcrumbs on a plate. Form risotto into patties (about the size of a burger, or smaller) and carefully place in breadcrumbs. Coat evenly with breadcrumbs. (I actually skipped the breadcrumbs today, which is part of why my second one didn’t hold together as well.)
  • Melt butter in skillet. When hot, saute risotto cakes on medium-high till browned on one side. Very carefully turn over and cook other side.

These are great on their own, or served with a nice salad. They are very delicate, and often fall apart, but still will taste yummy!

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